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Barkery Oven Naturally Beef Lung Dog Treats, 60g

Naturally air dried using 100% Australian Beef Lung with no preservatives, additives or flavoring. Beef Lung is a nutritional powerhouse that

Barkery Oven Naturally Bilis Cat & Dog Treats

Anchovies, or locally known as Ikan Bilis, is highly nutritious despite its size. High in protein, Omega-3, Iron and Calcium, this

Barkery Oven Naturally Skinny Dog Treats

Yes, we leave no skin unturned. This treat is made from fresh Mackerel skin and dehydrated at a perfect temperature

Barkery Oven Wheat Free Carrot Biscotti Dog Treats

This is our newly improved carrot biscotti. Healthier and crunchier. It was hard work peeling carrots but we love the

Barkery Oven Wheat Free Cheesy Carrot Pawffin, 6 pieces

These pawffins are made with freshly grated carrots and cheddar cheese. It is the perfect breakfast or lunch time treat for

Barkery Oven Wheat Free Chicken, Vegetable and Herbs Biscuit Dog Treats

Newly improved version of this best selling dog treat. Normally made with freshly cooked chicken breast but now we add

Barkery Oven Wheat Free Peanut Butter Pawffin, 6 pieces

Peanut butter is a huge favourite among dogs. We make our own peanut butter for all our dog treats to

Barkery Oven Wheat Free Pumpkin Pawffin, 6 pieces

Pumpkin is a great ingredient that is added to our dogs’ diet. Not only it is high in fibre, it

Crispy Cod Skin Set (3 Flavors)

What’s in the set? Crispy Cod Skin – Original Crispy Cod Skin – Turmeric Crispy Cod Skin – Parsley Ingredients:

Crispy Cod Skin Set (Turmeric)

Crispy Cod Skin – Turmeric Net Weight: 60 gram (Light in weight, More in quantity) Ingredients: 100% Cod Fish Skin,

PupCake Mix (Paw Set)

PupCake Mix is the quick and easy way to make a cake for your dog! Delight your pups with our delicious pupcake mixes!

Tail (Pig)

2 whole pig tails Ingredient: Proudly local raised whole pig tail. Benefits: Promotes strong Joints & Mobility. High in Calcium