Slow and Steady Wins the race!

Results of our Heal Me Now series products!
Slow and Steady Wins the race!

Heal me now spray blend + Heal me now Sea Salt spa. Reviewed Full recovery in 7 days ?

Day 1 – Open wound till flesh, swollen, pus and saliva. Caused by excessive biting of tail.

Day 2 – Still visable open wound but swollen subside, new skin slightly appearing.

Day 3 – Sides healing fast. Main deep wound has new thin layer of skin regeneration.

Day 5 – Almost fully recovered. Wound not obviously visable.

Day 7 – Fully recovered! No scarring, healthy skin!

If your furkid is facing the same issue! Do give our natural remedy a try! Theres no such things as a miracle pill, but we ensure that we are genuinely safe for your furkids! Natural, gentle and chemical free! With effort and time slowly you’ll have your happy pooch in no time!

Yuki the toy poodle amazing recovery!

Yuki the toy poodle amazing recovery!
Persistent use for the past 2 months.
Heal Me Now Sea Salt Spa used 2 times a week for first 1 month and once a week ever since!
Along with Heal Me Now spray blend 3 times daily!
Look at the pretty coat now!

Petproserous have been spending 10 years modifiying our blends to create a safe and high quality products for you and your furkids. We have tested endless times to ensure the safety of our products before launching into the market this year!

We take pride in Animal wellbeing!
So be assured that we only sell to your premium quality standards with high cost and lots of time spent in making our products.
Each bottles from labelling to packing to mixing, we do it on our own!

From itchy scratchy to a happy furkid now

Dino has been having bad skin problem for more than 7years lf his life. His owner have been to countless of vets and there was no solution for him.

We then started grooming him and giving Dino a weekly spa session! He is now itchy free.

All our products are nutural and does not contain any harmful chemicals, they are mostly organic too. Contact us to relieve your furkids from misery!